“To win in the NBA you need stars in the perimeter. This is what the Celtics have ”

After a disappointing 2020-21 season, the Boston Celtics have made a very average start to the year even though they have returned to the positive in the last 24 hours with 2 wins. Paul Pierce who was there during the very large victory against the Lakers, does not think that the concern is the association Jayson tatumJaylen brown. For him, we should not separate the duo, but better surround them.

« I never believed in that (separating the stars), » Paul Pierce told The Crossover NBA Show. I really think the key is to put the right pieces around the great players. They have proven that they can be All-Stars in this league. To win in the NBA you need stars in the perimeter. That’s what the Celtics have and you have to build around it. My theory turns out to be correct, because when you look at all the top players and all the MVPs of the Finals year after year, it’s the best outside players like Kawhi Leonard, the Kobe Bryant, the Kevin Durant, the LeBron James, these are those guys who lead their team to the title. You need those kind of players. The Celtics need to find a way to build around these guys so they can reach the next level. « 

As for the reasons for the difficulties at the start of the year, he explains them by two things: changes in the workforce, including the coach, and absences.

“They have lost an experienced playmaker in the person of Kemba Walker, I think that’s a huge loss, ”Pierce said. “I think if he had had one more year to get tough with them, they would have been better. But you have to understand that they have had to deal with COVID. They had to deal with injuries. And they also have a new coach, a young coach. He’s never been a coach in the NBA, he’s putting a new system in place, with new players, new personalities, and he’s trying to make it work.

It’s not a question of talent, ”added Pierce. “I think they have the talent to be competitive in the Eastern Conference. But it was a combination of those things I mentioned that got them in trouble early in the season. They keep changing 5 major. Jaylen Brown has been absent, Al horford was absent. So it’s hard to develop a certain consistency when you don’t have your main centerpieces on a regular basis. « 

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