He wasn’t going to cut it. Invited to comment on the list of players he had drawn up on the occasion of the next Brazilian matches, Tite had to face questions from journalists about Neymar.

What does the South American coach think of the moods of number 10 PSG suggesting that next year’s World Cup could be his last?

 » I will not be able to answer you, Tite retorted entry, this Friday at a press conference, quoted by ESPN Brazil. Because these are questions which touch on personal matters of the players.« 

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About the focus of the « Ney » on its nightlife, Tite kicked in but indicating that he would prefer to have a conversation with the person concerned in private.

 » I am not the coach of PSG. I am the coach of the national team. And I don’t need to have an opinion on everything and make it public. This is what is said.

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