Tite plague against the Premier League

Two months after its defeat in the Copa America final against Argentina, Brazil regains its selection. During this international break, she has three qualifying matches for the next World Cup against Chile, against Argentina for a rematch, and finally Peru. Except that the Premier League, despite protests from FIFA, refused to send 60 players whose countries are classified as a high Covid risk zone. Many are South Americans, which pester Tite, the Brazilian coach, deprived of elements like Fabinho or Richarlison.

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“For England players, it’s an institutional context. I want to be with all the players at their best. I have a lot of respect for them. And I confirm to you, because I had contacts with them, that all would like to be here to honor their selection. This is information. The comment is up to everyone. It is free will. But the right information, there is only one: they wanted to be there. Some factors have prevented this from happening ”, Tite said during a press briefing, not really happy with this situation.

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