Tim Tebow is currently the most popular player in the NFL

Earlier this year, if you had told me that Tim Tebow would be able to convince an NFL roster to contract him this season, I would have taken your temperature before suggesting you go get some rest.

I’m exaggerating, but not that much.

Six years after quitting football and barely three months after retiring from professional baseball, the former quarterback hit it off with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Not bad, for a 33 year old « old man ».

In 2021, it is with a tight end jersey that the recipient of the Heisman Trophy in 2007 will play on the field.

He seems to be in shape. It remains to be seen if he catches as well today as he threw in his youth.

The Tebow mania back

By the way, what do fans think of the news? They are more than packed.

Within 24 hours of the official announcement of the pact, the Jags number 85 vests flew like hot cakes. And the craze continues. So much so that on the NFL Shop site, the 5 best-selling jerseys currently are all in the image of the resurrected footballer.

The Tebow mania is back!

Even Tom Brady and Trevor Lawrence’s sweaters aren’t as popular right now.

Obviously, the madness should subside. It is still extreme, especially since it is not known whether or not Tebow will be in uniform to start the next campaign. Nor even if he will sport the 85 at this time, for that matter. Although the opposite would be surprising, given its popularity. Also, the main interested would have chosen this # to honor the memory of Aaron Hernandez. I don’t see why it would change to 86, for example.

In the first week of activity in the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars will visit the Houston Texans. We will follow this closely.

(Sources: Adam Schefter / Twitter, CBS Sports, NFL_DovKleiman / Twitter)

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