Tim Tebow is already at the top of NFL sales | Touchdown Actu (NFL Actu)

When Tim Tebow signs somewhere, it’s Nike and the NFL that win. Its frankness too. But not matches. Just the money and the exposure. It’s already that.

In the day following the formalization of his signature with the Jaguars, the quarterback turned tight end directly pranced at the head of sales. According to ESPN, the top five best-selling items on NFLShop.com during this period were all related to Tim Tebow.

His jersey, stamped with the number 85, tops the list.

At 34, Tebow returns to the NFL for the first time since training camp with the Eagles in 2015. But he hasn’t played in an official game since 2012.

His love rating is therefore intact despite the years. And this marketing coup is done at a lower financial cost. NFL Media reports that Tebow signed for a season and $ 920,000, the minimum wage for a player of his experience. No sum in this amount is guaranteed.

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