Tim Bozon reflects on his painful experience with the Montreal Canadiens

A page turned last Sunday in Montreal. After nine years of good and loyal service, Marc Bergevin was fired from his position as general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, who are having a disappointing start to the season (14th in the Eastern Conference five months after reaching the Stanley Cup final and a 4-1 loss to Tampa Bay).

While many have paid tribute to the Quebecer, one hockey player is a little less rave about him: Frenchman Tim Bozon (27). Drafted in 64th position by the Canadians in the 2012 draft, the now Lausanne striker never really had a chance with CH. The fault of a serious meningitis in March 2014, which saw the son of the coach of the France team come close to death.

“I spent a year at the hotel. I was never allowed to find myself an apartment”

If Tim Bozon wishes to underline that Bergevin managed the event with class, “it was after that it got a little complicated”, he tells the Quebec media TVA. After illness, he finally entered professional hockey during the 2015-2016 season with the St. John’s IceCaps, the Canadiens’ « school club ». “I injured my shoulder in training camp.says the Frenchman. I had a hard time coming back from that. There was competition with the 2013 draft picks. I was often left out. […] I spent a year at the hotel. I was never allowed to find an apartment. »

Despite an encouraging end to the season, an injury before the World Championships dampened Bozon’s hopes. « I got injured just before the start of the tournament and I didn’t do wellrecalls the French international. But after that, I get a phone call from my agent that Marc (Bergevin) don’t want me anymore. He doesn’t even want me to go to development camp in June. He actually wanted to break my contract. »

Bozon still dreams of NHL

Tim Bozon does not understand: “I am told this after only 40 games in the American League (AHL, the minor league next to the NHL). […] All the other players in the organization asked me why I was in group C, why I didn’t participate in intra-squad matches. Later I was traded (at Florida Panthers), but I was never given a real opportunity with the Canadiens. »

This season, Tim Bozon is playing in Switzerland, in Lausanne, but he still hopes to break into the NHL: « As long as I’m a hockey player, I keep the faith, does it insure VAT. It is clear that I am realistic with myself. It’s more and more complicated, I’m getting older, but there are players who at 28, 29 or 30 have managed to make the NHL (coming) out of nowhere. »

It is not Pierre-Édouard Bellemare who will say the opposite. Today in Tampa Bay, the former Rouennais has joined the best league in the world at the age of 29.

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