Tielemans could leave Leicester City

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Youri Tielemans, the Leicester City midfielder, is highly coveted in the Premier League. His manager Brendan Rodgers does not guarantee that he will stay with the Foxes in the coming weeks.

Youri Tielemans is still under contract for 18 months with Leicester City. However, on the side of the Premier League club, we are worried about the situation and Brendan Rodgers does not rule out the possibility of his player’s departure soon: « He’s at an age and a stage in his contract where he needs to make sure he’s looking at all the options » as his club try to convince him to extend his current contract beyond 2023.

Youri Tielemans in the sights of Arsenal and Liverpool

Youri Tielemans would be of particular interest to Arsenal and Liverpool, according to reports from Sky Sports. And the attraction of joining a slightly more upscale club tickles the Belgian international stamped as the most expensive rookie in the history of the club: “I would love to see him stay here at Leicester, that’s natural, but I understand it’s a very short career. For players, it’s about ambition, challenge and sometimes a different environment. We have already seen it several times” adds Brendan Rodgers.

Get the best out of the player

In the meantime, the Foxes manager is trying to get the best out of his player: “For me, I can only worry about continuing to improve him as a player, keeping him focused and letting everything else be taken care of. Once the player is engaged, focused and professional, it’s no longer a concern for me. With Yuri you can see his joy to be here, he loves being here and you have to respect these guys careers are short” he concluded. In the meantime, the Belgian player remains valued at 55 million euros by Transfermartk.

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