Thuram denounces the hypocrisy of white players


The former defender of the France, Lilian thuram in an interview with The Guardian, felt that white players must take an even more active part in the fight against racism. Since hanging up his crampons, the player has been involved in the fight against racism with his foundation that he created in 2008. In the interview granted on the occasion of the translation of his book, The white bandage in English, he explained that white players must take a stand against racial abuse on playgrounds by urging everyone to continue  » to kneel before matches, to condemn the injustices that affect people of color « .

According to him, each gesture of the players counts and he recognizes the efforts of the English players going in this direction.  » English football is to be commended for continuing to do so; they are truly pioneers in awareness raising, at least in football. What they do encourages people to think »He estimated. Thuram also denounced the hypocritical attitude of white players who leave it to players of color to show the way forward in the fight against racism.

 » It’s very hypocrite  »

 » A lot of times players who are the target of racism are asked,  » What should we do about this?  » It’s very hypocritical because it suggests that it’s up to them to find solutions like that. they were the problem. It is up to white players, usually in the majority, to refuse to play. Then the powers that be will be forced to act. Because otherwise, their business will suffer ” said the ex-defender.

For the ex-Juventus player, it is not for the governing bodies to take strong action to bring about the change unless they are pressured to do so, but it is for the players to make the first starts.  » Change never comes first from the authorities. If you want to make a difference, you must make the authorities obligated to change “, He says.

Refuse what the older ones accepted

Thuram welcomed the activism he sees from  » young black players who are no longer ready to accept what the older ones accepted … and who make their teammates, opponents and supporters think « . He is also encouraged by the positions taken by some white players.  » For example, when I see Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson speaking out against racism, I think it’s fantastic. Because that means he understood that racism also affects him ”, he said.

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