throwing of projectiles during Strasbourg-Clermont, one person will be judged

A person is going to be judged for rolls of « projectiles“Sunday during the L1 meeting between Strasbourg and Clermont (0-0), we learned Monday from the prosecution and the Alsatian club which condemns these incidents”with the greatest firmness« .

« It is with the greatest firmness that the club condemns the throwing of projectiles observed“Sunday during the match played at La Meinau and counting for the 7th day of L1, said Racing in a press release.

The Alsatian club,which has ensured that the matches are a popular celebration for 10 years, strives to combat these dangerous practices for the integrity of the actors of the game, its supporters and its collaborators“, Continues the club which reports four police custody without specifying which supporters it is.

According to the Strasbourg prosecutor’s office, only three people were taken into custody. Two were released and only one will be subject to an appearance on prior admission of guilt (CRPC, a sort of « to plead guilty » French-style).

« Throwing a projectile can be punished by three years’ imprisonment and a fine of 45,000 euros.“Recalls Racing in its press release.

« Commercial stadium bans will also be pronounced by Racing, which will continue its actions in terms of education and repression in order to preserve Meinau from these actions carried out by a minority of irresponsible people.“, adds the club.

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