throwback to the first 2 games of the 2022-23 NBA season!

The big merry-go-round has resumed its mad dash and has already made two turns on itself. Before a panzani Wednesday which turned out to be quite consistent, it was already the second opus of your favorite series. Debrief of the opening night, news tour, presentation of the menu… in two words: come on, coffee!

Here, the link to the favorite channel of your favorite channel.

Before each match, it is always very important to warm up well. Any athlete will tell you that the pre-match is crucial to achieve a good performance. For you, NBA fans, it’s the same and the preparation for each big night is in nine little letters that you know well. If you were in the arms of Morpheus at the twelfth hour after noon – midnight for those who don’t like to count – we throw you the replay of this Come on, coffee! On the program, of course, a detailed return on the two matches of theopening night but also a presentation of last night’s posters with our national Bastien who is even betting on victorious Spurs… And if you’re in a competitive mood this morning, how not to participate in the Quiz of the biggest checks distributed in the NBA in 2021. In short , again, the coffee was lengthened.

This time, for sure, the show is launched with this second night of jousting. A panzani Wednesday that it was better to start with a good preparation. We slap a kiss to all those who were once again there and we’ll tell you see you next time!

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