Three penalty places for Alex Albon (Williams) on the Australian Grand Prix grid

Neither Williams finished the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. After Nicholas Latifi on lap 16, it was his Thai teammate Alex Albon who had to retire, after hitting Lance Stroll (Aston Martin). Two laps from the checkered flag, the former Red Bull driver dove on the inside of Turn 1 in an attempt to pass the Canadian, but only managed to crash into him. Judged responsible for the collision, Albon will be penalized by three places on the starting grid in Australia on April 10.

“The Stewards have reviewed the video evidence relating to the skirmish. Car 23 was trying to pass car 18 on the inside with late braking. While carrying out this manoeuvre, car 23 locked (its wheels) and collided with car no. 18 at the apex. We have determined that car 23 was wholly or primarily responsible for the collision”specifies the report of the auditors.

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