three first indictments

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The investigation opened by the Gabonese authorities following a pedophilia scandal in sports circles, revealed two weeks ago by the British daily The Guardian, advance. Thursday, December 30, the public prosecutor made a first assessment.

With our correspondent in Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

In a statement, André Patrick Roponnat said that out of the four people currently in the hands of the police, the three coaches were sent to the central prison in Libreville and are being indicted. The first is Patrick Assoumou Eyi says « Capello « , Former national coach of the under-17s. He is suspected of having sexually assaulted hundreds of children. There is also Triphel Mabicka, says «  Coach Kolo « And Orphée Mikala. They are all football coaches.

The prosecutor listed the charges against them: “ Rape of a minor, attempted rape of a minor, sexual assault, violation of morals and endangering the life of others … « 

The investigation continues

For his part, Me Martin Avera said «  Chaka ”, Taekwondo instructor arrested Tuesday, December 28, is kept in custody for need of investigation.

The hunt continues, warned the prosecutor:  » Other arrests are in progress. I invite victims to report to the prosecution or directly to the services designated to conduct the ongoing investigation. That they are reassured, the anonymity of their identity will be preserved vis-à-vis the general public. Fear of retaliation or feelings of shame should not be obstacles in their consciousness. « 

The defendants face 9 months in prison to 30 years of criminal imprisonment and a fine ranging from 5 million to 50 million CFA francs.

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