Thomas Heurtel’s career in the French team is « over »

Ninety-nine (99) selections, and not one more. At 33, Thomas Heurtel won’t play again French team. In any case, this is what has just been declared. Jean-Pierre Siutat in the columns of The Teamending all suspense on this subject.

An announcement which follows the decision of the French leader to engage with the Zénith Saint-Petersbourg, after the EuroBasket, when he had nevertheless signed a certificate on honor, stipulating that he was not engaged. or would not engage with a Russian or Belarusian club throughout the conflict with Ukraine…

 » About Thomas [Heurtel], to whom things had been clearly presented, he did not honor his commitment. To date, for me, I consider that there will be no more. It’s over “, delivers the president of the FFBB.

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Therefore, unless the situation turns around, Thomas Heurtel will have played (and lost) against Spain the last match of his international career.

A career that began in 2013, during which he won four medals in nine years: gold at Euro 2013, bronze at the 2014 World Cup, silver at the 2020 Olympics and silver again at Euro 2022.

Furthermore, Jean-Pierre Siutat also indicated that it will be possible to  » discuss those already in Russia who had not signed the attestation « . Implying that Livio Jean-Charles (CSKA Moscow) and Louis Labeyrie (Unics Kazan) have not yet said goodbye to the Blues…

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