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It was a year ago, almost to the day. Author of a very promising start to the 2020/21 season, Thomas Bryant had collapsed after two minutes of play against Miami, victim of a rupture of the cruciate ligament of the left knee.

A year later, a lot has changed at the Wizards. The workforce has been turned upside down, the coach is different. The only thing that has not budged is the hope that reigns around Thomas Bryant within the club. His return was therefore greeted with an ovation worthy of the name, and crowned with a 3-point in the corner in the wake.

 » It was great. I tried to keep myself from smiling, but I couldn’t. Because the wait has been so long. To be able to hear your name again, it brings back good memories, and it prepares me to produce new ones ”, he said after the meeting. “I tried to stay calm all day until the game. I felt good, physically, at the level of my legs and my knee. Overall, I felt really good and in good condition ”.

Last two months difficult to manage mentally

His new coach, Wes Unseld Jr, also appreciated this moment which marked a new start for the player and represents a significant reinforcement for the Wizards’ racquet.

“He looked good. It’s always hard when your minutes are a bit segmented and you can’t have a longer playing period, but just having him with us, in an official match, to find his feelings, his rhythm, it was already very good for him « , he stressed. “I would like and I hope that we will be able to see more over time even if we will remain guided by the advice of the medical staff. But I was happy for him and for what he showed ”.

The interior has come a long way and admits to having suffered at least as much mentally as physically. His seriousness and his application paid off since his return was a success even if he only played 12 minutes for 6 points with 2/2 shooting, 1 rebound and 1 assist.

“It’s really hard to be away from what you love to do the most. But like I said, it gives you a whole new way to enjoy and love basketball when you can play it again. You cherish these moments more than anything ”, he added. “The biggest challenge for me over the last couple of months has really been trying to be patient to get to this point. A lot of times you feel like you are feeling good and you just want to go back and play with the team. But you have to stay disciplined, do your job, and that’s what was the hardest part for me. I tried to stay the course, to stay focused on my rehabilitation, and my family and friends also helped me a lot ”.

After rehabilitation, reintegration

This first match also marks the beginning of a new challenge for the interior, to find his best condition and to integrate into a new group, with different playing principles from what he has known until then. Wes Unseld Jr. especially asked for patience with his defensive impact.

 » It is not easy. Obviously, we all have plans, but it’s difficult when you don’t have a lot of training sessions to be able to look at them in a more concrete way, to try out different options. We must of course try to help them regain their best condition, but also choose the right combinations, and in this context, it is difficult. It’s going to be a daily job « , he first explained about how he planned to put his interior back in the bath. « I think he will be a very good defender, he just has to learn the specifics of what we do, review our terminology that he continues to integrate, the situations and the places where we want him to be on the « Pick-and-roll » depending on the system. He will have to refine that, and that will come with time and repetition so that he is completely comfortable ”.

Thomas Bryant will be able to continue to gain momentum in the next rounds, with Washington arriving slowly in the middle of a series of eight games at home.

Thomas bryant Percentage Rebounds
Season Team MJ Min Shots 3pts LF Off Def Early Pd Fte Int Bp Ct Pts
2017-18 LAL 15 5 38.1 10.0 55.6 0.2 0.9 1.1 0.4 0.4 0.1 0.1 0.1 1.5
2018-19 WAS 72 21 61.6 33.3 78.1 1.6 4.7 6.3 1.3 1.8 0.4 0.8 0.9 10.5
2019-20 WAS 46 25 58.1 40.7 74.1 2.1 5.1 7.2 1.8 2.2 0.5 1.2 1.1 13.2
2020-21 WAS 10 27 64.8 42.9 66.7 1.8 4.3 6.1 1.5 3.1 0.4 1.1 0.8 14.3
Total 143 21 60.0 36.2 74.8 1.6 4.4 6.0 1.4 1.9 0.4 0.9 0.9 10.7

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