This young Argentinian serial scorer will not come (this summer)!

Asked by the FCM, Pierre Gerbeaud, specialist in South American football, had given a little more information on the profile of Alvarez by placing him among the most promising attackers in the world.

Julian Alvarez it wouldn’t be a great shot but it would be a huge shot to take it it’s clearly the best number 9 you can find on the south american continent it’s a really really strong 9 it’s coming out of a sextuplet in the Copa Libertadores then it was only against the Peruvian club Allianza Lima, which is not the best team in South America, we will say it clearly. But it’s a real number 9, which makes me question because Sampaoli if he wants to play with a 9 or not, in any case, it would be a waste to put it on one side, it would be to spoil it, if he does like Gerson, who he did almost all season on the left side. Pierre Gerbeaud – Source: Marseille Football Club (06/03/2022)

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A complete striker, as strong on the right foot as on the left, it would be huge if we could get him on loan – Gerbeaud

Dithyrambic towards the young Argentinian striker, Pierre Gerbeaud had affirmed that Julian Alvarez would have been a very good recruit for OM.

Julian Alvarez has a really full palette, he knows how to move, he makes really sharp ball calls, he knows how to position himself too, he is able to put in a few fox goals, but that’s not his first characteristic. He’s not a Rudi Voller, he’s still not at this level of fox but he can put you on it, he places himself well in the box, he can anticipate where the ball will fall. He’s really a complete striker, as strong right foot as left foot, it would be really huge if we could get him on loan, just be careful it’s not Boca Juniors it’s River Plate, the other historic club ( laughter). He is a great player, an Argentinian international, he will go to the World Cup, I think that in the next few years, he will really be the 9th in the Argentina selection. It would be really monstrous for him to come but I don’t know what City will do with him, if Guardiola will want to loan him out or keep him and put him on the side. I saw the news last night, I was on it and I must admit that it really motivated me. He would be a hell of a player and in terms of number 9 you can’t compare him to Bamba Dieng for example, Alvarez is above, I have nothing against Dieng, I want to keep him, but he is clearly above, much more effective, his ball calls, in his placement, I find him well above Bamba Dieng. It would be really huge, Alvarez, it’s international level so if we manage to do it it would be quite huge. Pierre Gerbeaud – Source: Marseille Football Club (06/03/2022)

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