This video of Bob Sinclar very surprised by the reaction of football fans during a set in Italy is hilarious


Serie A has not yet resumed, but Bob Sinclar has seen that AC Milan fans are already hot! At the beginning of August, the French DJ was present in Italy for a set and was very surprised by the reaction of his audience when he played the timeless hit “Freed From Desire” by Gala. The Milanese present during this evening indeed sang “Pioli’s on fire” during the chorus of the song, paying tribute to Stefano Pioli, the coach who led AC Milan to the title of Italian champion last season.

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A video widely circulated on social networks shows the reaction of Bob Sinclar after this cry from the heart of AC Milan supporters and the clip suggests that the DJ is not very aware of football news. We can see him very surprised, wondering what just happened, but not losing his smile.


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