“This version of James Harden? Dead and buried »

Expected at the turn of the start of the playoffs, James Harden is currently relatively discreet in the attack of the 76ers. To the point that an analyst considered that the Bearded man had definitely turned an important page in his career!

For almost a week, they had to wait for the results of the play-in to finally launch their final stages. For nearly a week, they saw the name of their flagship recruit monopolize discussions. Before starting their playoffs, the 76ers had to deal with the many debates that surrounded James Hardenthe use of which within the franchise was yet to be determined.

Author of big debut in Philadelphia, The Beard eased somewhat thereafter, limiting himself to a role of manager / passer. However, for his franchise to go far during the postseason, it seemed imperative that he find a performance worthy of the name in terms of scoring. However, it is clear that so far, his offensive discretion has not prevented his team from winning.

End of offensive cards for James Harden?

After a serious Game 1 against the Raptors, concluded with 22 points and 14 assists, Harden was a little more in difficulty this Monday despite the victory of his team. His 14 small points, and especially his 9 shots simply attempted in 41 minutes of play necessarily challenged some observers. Jay Williams, he must not have been surprised, after announcing a few hours earlier that the 2018 MVP was over with his time as a scorer!

I think the 76ers will continue to escape pressure if Tobias Harris and Tyrese Maxey continue to play well. Because it removes a lot of pressure from James Harden, who can respond to this in hot moments. But the version of James Harden where he single-handedly attacked his teams? She is dead and buried.

An assertion which is verified for the moment in these playoffs, with a Harden who delegates much more responsibility than he monopolizes it. In the end, that’s why he left Houston, and joined top teams such as Brooklyn and Philly in order to win a title. This choice, perhaps constrained by his physical wear and tear, will he pay off? Answer in the next few weeks!

Accustomed to flaming the scoreboard during the last decade, James Harden would not necessarily be able to do so today according to Jay Williams. Who knows, this retraining could possibly be the key to his future success with the 76ers!

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