This Ukrainian driver in a Porsche in a little too much of a hurry ends his journey on foot



Mikael Liberty

At the end of an 80 km chase on the A1 motorway, the gendarmes were finally able to intercept the Ukrainian driver in great excess of speed

Last Saturday, the gendarmes of the Senlis motorway platoon, in the Oise, carried out a banal speed control mission on the A1 motorway. It was around 2 p.m., while they were scanning the vehicles traveling in the direction of Paris from a bridge, that the soldiers saw a rocket arrive.

A chase over 80 km

The rocket in question was a Porsche Cayenne, a very recent model S coupé, which caused the gendarmes’ radar counter to climb to 192 km/h. A score that classifies the offense in criminal speeding, more than 50 km / h above the authorized speed. More than enough for the military to decide to intercept this machine capable of going up to more than 270 km / h, the starting price of which is nearly 100,000 euros.

A chase started on the highway between the racing car, registered in Ukraine, and the gendarmes. It was finally 80 km later that the patrol managed to intercept the driver, at the Robervale rest area. The driver saw his driver’s license disappear immediately. Abroad, he also had to pay a deposit of 750 euros. His car left on a tow truck to be impounded and he left on foot.


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