This Toyota GR Yaris had a hard time getting this Porsche 911 out of the ditch

With such power under the hood, the Porsche 911 can quickly get out of hand, especially on such snowy roads. And that’s exactly what happened here, in this Polish forest.

Fortunately for the German racing car and its driver, they were not left alone for long in the harbor. Indeed, a Toyota GR Yaris was passing in the corner at the same time and was able to come to the aid of the car in distress.

But beware, this makeshift troubleshooting was not as easy as expected. Yes, the people there had simply tied a rope between the two cars. The little Japanese sportswoman then had to tow the Porsche out of the ditch.

But then, on such a slippery road, towing something immediately becomes a much more difficult chore.

After several long minutes, the Porsche was finally able to be freed from this trap and luckily the damage was slight. There are also no injuries in this story and that is the main thing.


Despite the snow and the start of a failed rescue, the Toyota will finally succeed in clearing this Porsche 992 from the ditch in which it finds itself. It had to be done because honestly, it was really not over in advance.

Clement Fauriel

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