“This team seems very serious about recruiting Wembanyama”

While he continues to delight the Mets, Victor Wembanyama knows he’s making a huge buzz on the USA side. The franchises dream of recruiting him next season, even if a bad record will be mandatory to attract the services of the French. A team in the East seems to have taken the lead…

The month of June is eagerly awaited by certain NBA franchises. The draft will take place during this period, allowing teams to recruit future stars, and as much to say that this 2023 edition could create a buzz. Victor Wembanyama will be present, unless there is a huge surprise, while Scoot Henderson also fascinates the crowds. But not everyone will be present at this party.

Victor Wembanyama to the Eastern Conference

To hope for a good pick, a bad record will be mandatory to invite themselves into the top 3. This is why some franchises have taken out the tank, like the Spurs who have just chained 11 defeats in a row. The worst team remains the Magic with their record of 6-20, as if the front office wanted to associate Victor with Bol Bol: a duo that could do a lot of damage.

The Magic seem very serious about the idea of ​​​​associating Bol Bol with Victor Wembanyama.

Worst record in the league with 6-20 💪

There’s still time, but the Magic will certainly be well positioned to secure that top spot after this campaign. Bol Bol could cross paths with Wemby, but not only.

Imagine a starting 5 with: Victor Wembanyama, Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, Bol Bol, Jalen Suggs.

It would be like if Tim Duncan and David Robinson could both play point guard and shoot like Kevin Durant.

Bol Bol and Victor Wembanyama soon in the same team? The Magic would certainly be a very popular franchise if that happens, not to mention the other promising players on the roster. But anything can happen between now and the end of the regular season.

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