This sickening statistic for opponents!

In this second part of the 2021-2022 season, wouldn’t Stade Rennais be the essential team? Since the resumption of the championship last January, the Rennais are those who have scored the most points, having scored the most goals, and having achieved the greatest rise in the standings. As if that were not enough, they are a defensive benchmark in Europe.

Drawing : "Stade Rennais: This disgusting statistic for opponents!"

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In 2019, Stade Rennais achieved one of the greatest feats in its history by climbing to the knockout stages of the Europa League. Eliminated by Arsenal, they had managed to win the Coupe de France a few months later to fully conquer the hearts of their supporters. This season, the next few weeks will decide the historic character of the performance of the Rouge et Noir in Ligue 1 in particular. Well aided by an iron defence, the coach of this team, Bruno Génésio, can boast of being well and truly in the big leagues.

At the level of Manchester City or Atlético de Madrid

With a more favorable draw than Leicester, Stade Rennais would surely still be in the running to compete for victory in the Europa League Conference. Now eliminated and fully focused on the championship, the Bretons are a real reference in Europe. Indeed, according to the CIES study published on Monday, Stade Rennais is the 2nd team to concede the fewest shots on target per match in Europe behind Manchester City. The 2.8 strikes conceded per game is slightly more dangerous than the 2.5 strikes conceded by the Skyblues.

By way of comparison, Stade Rennais is doing as well as Atlético de Madrid this season. The Spanish club currently concedes an average of 2.9 shots on target per game. Although the Colchoneros are in the midst of their worst defensive season in a long time, the comparison remains flattering for the Rouge et Noir. In Ligue 1, Olympique de Marseille is almost as efficient with its 3 shots on target per game. Although less efficient on the front of the attack, the Marseillais could still be the main competitor of Rennais until the end of the season. The defense of the troops of Génésio could become a key point for a possible qualification in the Champions League.

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