This seized Ferrari 458 Italia becomes the police car

It’s no secret that serious criminals have a knack for buying luxurious and powerful cars to spend their ill-gotten fortunes. But when things go wrong, what happens to those confiscated vehicles?

Police in the Czech Republic have an idea with a Ferrari 458 Italia they got their hands on. Instead of destroying the Italian supercar – as the Philippine government usually does with confiscated contraband cars – the police department turned it into something more useful: a police vehicle.

Announced by the Czech Police, the converted 458 Italia began service as a police car in that European country. It will serve under the Special Surveillance Department of the Czech Republic, with national jurisdiction, and will only be conducted by specially trained police officers.

Specifically, Type F142 will be used « against the most aggressive drivers on Czech highways, when chasing stolen vehicles, or when monitoring places where tuning events are reported ».

According to the press release, the police department had to spend 340,000 CZK to modify the Ferrari and make it what it is today (see the video at the top of this page), which is approximately 13,800 € with the rates current exchange rates. That’s roughly the price of a new Skoda Scala, depending on the department.

This sum is in addition to the 130,000 CZK (about €5,300) spent to restore the vehicle to working order, which has been stored for 10 years. Note that the vehicle had approximately 2,000 kilometers on the clock when it was confiscated.

Modifications begin with painting. With a red exterior, the 458 Italia receives a new livery, as well as a camera system, a radio, special warning lights and a signaling screen.

Police in the Czech Republic say the Ferrari 458 Italia is not the most expensive or rare vehicle the department has seized. In 2021, the government seized almost 900 vehicles – most of them sold, with the proceeds from the sale being used to cover damage caused by the offender.

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