This Porsche Boxster owner doesn’t see why you have to stop after an accident

British police were stunned after spotting an individual driving a badly damaged Porsche Boxster S. He had just had an accident but did not think he needed to stop.

Sometimes you have to know when to stop. The German sportswoman was stopped by a Surrey police officer near Cobham after a call from another motorist. When Constable Serge Hadfield tracked down his « suspect », he came across a Boxster dragging its rear bumper down the road.

Speaking to the police officer, the owner of the Boxster said he had just had an accident on the M25 in Kent and ‘thought his car was fine’ so he continued driving to reach its destination. The police asked the driver to submit to a blood alcohol test to see if he had consumed alcohol. This turned out to be positive, but below the authorized limit.

Madness ?

An image shared on social media by Surrey Police Traffic Brigade shows the rear of the Boxster sustained extensive damage. Not only was the rear bumper ripped off, but the owner seems to have thought it would be a good idea to put the broken pieces in the trunk of his car. We can also see that the rear lights have been damaged as well as a frame post which appears to be a reinforcement.

It goes without saying that driving a car in this condition is not a good idea. Given the damage sustained in the accident, it seems likely that the car will be considered a wreck…provided it is insured.

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