“This player is a public danger, the league must severely punish him”

Some players are simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, while others seem outright out to hurt their opponent. Grayson Allen is heading straight for the second category… Following his big foul on Alex Caruso, the guard was set on fire by the Bulls coach.

If the Bulls lost on the floor of the Bucks, the 94-90 defeat almost instantly faded into the background. More than the result, it was the worrying exit of Alex Caruso that occupied the minds in Illinois. On his way to score near the circle, during the third quarter, the former Laker was indeed mowed down in midair by Grayson Allen, before falling heavily on the floor:

The images are impressive and we clearly do little. Milwaukee’s playing action is totally inconsiderate, which Caruso immediately wanted to highlight after the game. The words of the sixth man of the bulls are clear and clear:

The guy just grabbed me in the air. It makes no sense. I’m just glad I didn’t have any scary big injuries right away.

Unfortunately for the Bald Mamba, he’s still going to have to sit on the sidelines for a while. Six to eight weeks to be precise, following a wrist fracture which will require surgery. It comes at the worst of times for the Bulls, who must fight to retain their throne in the East. Enough to seriously infuriate coach Billy Donovan, who attacked the culprit after the meeting:

NBA investigates Grayson Allen’s gross misconduct

For Alex to be in the air and Allen to put him down like that, he could have ended his career. And he has a history with those kinds of stocks. To me, this guy is really a public danger. I hope the league will look into this kind of thing and punish him severely, because it could have hurt him very, very seriously.

It seems that Adam Silver and his staff have heard the tactician’s complaint, since it has been announced that the NBA will further investigate the action in question. The Buck could therefore risk a fairly long suspension, if it is decided that the fault should have been punished more. Especially since as Donovan points out, Allen is accustomed to the fact, and this, since the NCAA. It might catch up with him…

First Zach LaVine, now Alex Caruso: The Bulls are losing every key player right now. As for Grayson Allen, the story may not be over for him. It remains to be seen what the league will decide.

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