This pizzeria offers a… Lamborghini to its future pizza chef!

In addition to the luxury company car, the restaurant offers a salary of 15,000 euros net per month and 10 months of vacation per year. A rather enticing ad, isn’t it?

This pizzeria offers a Lamborghini to its future pizza chef! Credit: iStock

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For once, it’s an announcement that does not fail to catch our eye (we are almost thinking of converting for the occasion). Imagine: a salary of €15,000 net per month, 10 months of vacation per year and a Lamborghini type company car (or equivalent). This pizzeria is not shy!

Head to Belgium, where the Viva La Pizza pizzeria in Hornu is very actively looking for its next pizza chef. And like this restaurant in Nîmes which offered a year of free pizzas for those who would find their future pizza chef, the pizzeria Viva La Pizza did not fail to be original in its advertisement. She even pulled out all the stops to unearth the rare pearl: the manager, Tommaso Albanese, unveiled a very… tempting offer!

And we’re not going to lie to each other, it’s true that the prospect of having a Lamborghini as a company car attracts more than one person! Not to mention the 15,000 euros per month and the 10 months of annual vacation. We couldn’t ask for more… Well, you certainly suspect that this announcement is not true and that it is only a simple communication stunt (of genius).

The advertisement of the pizzeria Viva La Pizza. Credit: Facebook Viva La Pizza

Pizzeria urgently looking for a pizza maker

If this announcement is (unfortunately) false, it did not fail to have its small effect. And that’s what the manager of the pizzeria Viva La Pizza was looking for, who is desperately struggling to find staff, and more specifically an experienced pizza maker. But it’s not the only one. The catering sector has had great difficulty recruiting for the past few years, and the number of vacant positions continues to climb…

It is therefore for this reason that Tommaso Albanese wanted to draw attention to his announcement by offering significant advantages. And the least we can say is that it is successful! Coming to work in a Lamborghini as a company car, having a salary of 15,000 euros net per month and enjoying 10 months of vacation per year, it’s a dream come true.

Internet users have also taken advantage of this extravagant announcement to ask for more conditions, each more eccentric than the other. In any case, we hope that someone has been selected for the position and that the restaurant can continue to delight the taste buds of customers! And if not… to your CV!

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