this pilot showed exceptional reflexes to avoid the accident

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The famous Indianapolis 500 mile race is coming soon but in the meantime, the times are testing! The teams were therefore able to practice on the track this weekend, but things almost turned tragic.

With very difficult weather, a simple maneuver could have cost the winner of the 2018 edition of the Indianapolis 500 miles, Will Power, dearly. Coming out of the pits, the Australian driver spun to find himself in complete loss of control in the middle of the track.

Only then, he was absolutely not alone on the circuit! No, other cars were on the track and therefore found themselves in an extreme situation. And in particular Colton Herta who, with the rain and reduced visibility, only saw Will Power’s car at the last moment.

But fortunately, thanks to excellent reflexes, he managed to avoid a huge accident.

But it didn’t stop there! No, by avoiding Will Power’s single-seater, the young American driver also went into a spin before hitting the safety barrier and finding himself, in turn, across the track.

Other pilots therefore had to do their best not to hit him either. This is particularly the case of Marcus Ericsson.

No injuries, a miracle

With such an incident, it is quite miraculous to think that none of this ended in accident. Especially since at more than 300 km/h like here, the slightest mistake is generally not forgiving… And this also proves that the reflexes of these drivers are indeed out of the ordinary.

Clement Fauriel

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