This luxury LEGO car is complex and it loses a quarter of its price

News good deal This luxury LEGO car is complex and it loses a quarter of its price

Car enthusiasts can rejoice in the offer offered by LEGO. Indeed, a whole range is dedicated to them: it is the famous Technic collection originally launched in 1977. But it is indeed one of the most recent and most complex sets that we present to you today. today. It’s even a limited edition, and it’s on sale on Amazon.

A complex limited edition LEGO set loses €100 on Amazon: it’s just unheard of!

The LEGO Technic range was launched in 1977 and revolves around moving parts such as gears, levers and pulleys. Gradually, LEGO began to release realistic building models like automobiles.

Buy the Lamborghini Siàn in LEGO at 299€ on Amazon

Car enthusiasts in search of complexity will be able to rejoice today, since the Lamborghini Siàn in LEGO has just lost 100€ despite the fact that it is a limited edition. The tangy green luxury car thus goes from €399 to €299 on Amazon.

The Lamborghini in LEGO takes up the smallest details of the original

For once, we are dealing with a large box of LEGO. The famous green car measures 13cm x 60cm x 25cm and consists of a total of 3696 parts to assemble. So plan a place of choice accordingly to expose your Lamborghini when you have finished it.

Lime green for the bodywork and golden on the rims, the vehicle is proudly displayed in your interior. Thanks to its honorable size (60 cm long, 25 cm wide and 13 cm high) luxury car enthusiasts will be amazed, guaranteed.

We find the Sián FKP 37 one of the latest models of Lamborghini. This model is particularly rich in detail and will quickly find its interest in the eyes of collectors and LEGO enthusiasts.

Whether it’s its V12 engine, its sequential gearbox or the steering that works, the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 has been reproduced down to the smallest detail, faithful to the original. Except that she can go into the living room of course.

Here we have a 1:8 scale model, which makes it possible to have a race car full of authentic details!

Don’t panic, you won’t be able to get lost during assembly since this LEGO set also includes an illustrated booklet with step-by-step assembly instructions.

Buy the Lamborghini Siàn in LEGO at 299€ on Amazon

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