This Lamborghini Aventador S tells it at more than 340 km / h!

Ah, the return of videos on the German highway! There, speed limits are just a distant memory and it allows you to see overpowered cars express themselves.

Once again, it’s the guys from AutoTopNL who delight us with the test of a Lamborghini Aventador S. A real rocket on wheels, the Italian car will be able to show us all its power on the autobahn.

And speaking of power, this Aventador has it to spare! Come on, a little tour of the owner before embarking on the deep end. Under the hood of the beast we can find a 6.5-liter V12 engine capable of developing a whopping 740 horsepower, just that. For its top speed, count a good 350 km / h but that, you will be able to see it very soon.

Come on, without further ado, the images of this gentle little stroll.

It sends!

After a few seconds we already know what we are dealing with. As soon as the traffic clears and gives way to the racing car, the latter shows us its full potential. The 0 to 100 is therefore swallowed in 2.9 seconds while the 100 to 200 km/h is done in just under 10 seconds.

Finally, probably most impressive is the 200 to 300 km/h. Few cars can quantify this data but for this Lamborghini Aventador S, it is in around 13 seconds. Not bad is not it ?

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