« This is what worries me about Victor Wembanyama… »

The 2022 Draft barely passed, that of 2023 is already focusing the attention of NBA scouts, in particular because of Victor Wembanyama. Expected firmly in the league, the French prodigy is nevertheless still the subject of some major concerns!

In less than a month, he will officially return to the courts of Betclic ÉLITE. Victor Wembanyama is looking forward to making his big debut with the Metropolitans 92, and should attract some good people on this occasion. Indeed, US scouts are likely to scramble to attend this meeting, perhaps to remove the few doubts they still have about it.

Victor Wembanyama weighed down by his freak physique?

For the past few days, discussions about Wembanyama have very often focused on his crazy physique… and the risks that come with it. Chet Holmgren’s recent injury has only that increase fears about the resistance of the tricolor nuggetwhich lead to 247 Sports to question several league employees about it. Some still prefer to remain optimistic, and bring Wembz closer to a prestigious compatriot:

Honestly, I’m not as concerned about Victor’s physique as Chet’s. Victor reminds me of Gobert at the same age more than Chet.

Filiform when he arrived in the league, Gobert was able to grow physically, and in the end has never really been bothered by physical glitches so far. League staff therefore hope that Victor will follow this same trajectory, he whose case would not be comparable to that of Holmgren:

I understand that we can perceive their physique as identical, but they are different players. There are people who may be afraid to select Victor, but in the end, I won’t because it’s all about recovering talent, trusting your medical staff and letting the remains to be done. I’d be terrified to let him pass and he’d end up exploding.

Encouraging speeches for the international U19, unlike others more concerned. Even if Wembanyama cannot really be compared to Holmgren, if only for its size, the latter would represent a real source of anxiety:

I think everyone was worried about Chet in terms of his build, but here’s why I’m more worried about Victor: if you look at the liabilities of players 2m20 or taller, even if they’re not very thin, like Yao Ming, they get a lot of injuries. (…) I think the teams will think a lot before taking Victor because of the background of players of this size.

All that remains is to hope that the new nugget from Boulogne-Levallois will manage to make these anxious testimonies lie about the rest of his career, and will succeed in avoiding long stays in the infirmary!

Victor Wembanyama’s XXL size continues to fascinate in the NBA, and remains a big source of concern for some franchise members. It’s up to him to reassure them this season by avoiding repeated absences from the Mets!

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