This is what the next Porsche Cayenne will look like

The Porsche Cayenne is only a few months away from its mid-career restyling. This is what it will look like in its future version.

The Porsche Cayenne currently sold by the German manufacturer is the third generation of the German SUV. Launched in 2018, the latter arrives quietly in mid-career. By next year, it will therefore receive the traditional mid-life restyling.

Kolesa’s graphic designers are precisely imagining the style of this future restyled Cayenne, which will probably not revolutionize the design of the sporty SUV. As usual, it will probably be necessary to rely on modified optics as well as redesigned shields.

Hybrid at all levels?

Under the hood, however, there should be some changes. The thermal versions could disappear from the catalog of the model on our market. In France, the Cayenne is already sold mainly in a plug-in hybrid version. Its Turbo S E-Hybrid version should also become even more powerful and reach 700 horsepower.

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