« This is what it takes to get Kevin Durant to leave the Nets »

Kevin Durant could be leaving Brooklyn in a few days, but getting him back isn’t easy. According to a famous analyst, several specific conditions must be met in order to achieve the coup of the offseason. The competition is warned!

Like it or not, the Nets are going to have to prepare for a total implosion of their superteam in the short term. Indeed, the announcement that Kyrie Irving was going to be transferred would have pissed off Kevin Durant, to the point where the latter would also consider leaving after three years in the New York megalopolis. A freelance that has proven to be quite frustrating collectively for him so far, with two eliminations in the conference semi-finals.

A departure of the winger would be the equivalent of an earthquake within the league, especially since it would not just be mere rumors. The Slim Reaper would have lost confidence in his direction, which is never a good sign. On the observer side, we expect in any case a major move within a few days. Analyst Zach Lowe ofESPN believes that the chances of him separating from the Blacks and Whites could be very high, in the worst case:

As for the odds of him not being a member of the Nets next year, I’m not going to put a percentage on that number but it’s not zero and it could be significantly higher than zero depending on how which this story of Kyrie takes place. The thing about KD is the whole league is going to come together over him to find a way to get him…

Zach Lowe reveals the keys to recruiting Kevin Durant

The journalist is convinced that Durantula’s departure is almost guaranteed if Uncle Drew really sets sail. Everyone will therefore want to tear it off, but how to emerge victorious from this battle? Also according to Lowe, the Blazers have shown a very good example recently via Damian Lillard. However, he also added two other conditions in order to convince the 2014 MVP, but also Brooklyn:

Great work by Damian Lillard on Instagram, but what about the others? Each team should have a player who recruits them through social networks. You also need to have a very good young player who can be the centerpiece of a trade for the Nets. It will be someone very strong, not just a good player on the roster, a young star. The most important thing, because Durant will have his say, is that you have to have enough players who welcome him so that he can say to himself “I have enough around me to win”.

A big presence on social networks, a promising counterpart as well as a sufficiently good remaining roster: this is what it takes according to Zach Lowe if a franchise wishes to acquire Kevin Durant. Not necessarily the simplest of missions, because obtaining it necessarily involves enormous sacrifices.

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