“This is the real reason why KD and Kyrie are after the Nets”

It is now clear, there is a real divide between the duo Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving and Brooklyn. However, it would not be only for the reasons that we already knew… Indeed, an insider recently revealed new information on the subject.

Between them, they were to lead the Nets to the top. Arrived at the same time in the summer of 2019, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving however, have since been quite disillusioned. Three years later, they have never passed the second round of the playoffs and the two men could even leave the New York franchise. The winger requested his transfer, while the point guard was declared available for a trade and he still is, despite his decision to activate his player option for 2022-23.

The permanent drama around the former Cavalier, who accompanied him throughout the past campaign, set fire to the powder and it has never really calmed down since. It must be said that KD has supported his teammate and friend from the start, saying that it was his last right not to be vaccinated against covid-19. Except that blacks and whites did not have the same vision of things… League insider Brandon Robinson returned to the subject recently, via the site Heavy.com :

Talking to the people best to know, I can tell you they’ve been pretty annoyed with the Nets and the way things have been handled with Kyrie, whether it’s opt-in , opt-out and all things considered. There are people who are very unhappy with the way they treated him, especially because he was the person who really convinced Kevin Durant to join the Brooklyn Nets with him.

We already knew all this and it is therefore nothing particularly new. On the other hand, where the story becomes more interesting is when Robinson continues by explaining that the frustration of the two accomplices is also linked to their loved ones. Indeed, they have seen some members of their respective inner circles being kicked out by Brooklyn lately. Suffice to say that it did not go well at all with them:

KD and Kyrie frustrated by the dismissal of their relatives to the Nets

I know someone who is related to Eli Carter, a guy who knows Kyrie well, was fired because of this whole vaccination thing. And then I was told that he had been promised that he could return to his position as assistant coach, once the mandates were applied in New York. It never happened. On top of that, Adam Harrington, Kevin Durant’s coach, was fired by the Brooklyn Nets. And I know these two gentlemen are upset with the way this has been handled.

It’s well known that superstars like to be surrounded by trusted men on the fringes of their teams, sometimes forcing them to have to find them positions within the organization. However, the management of BKN did not want to play this game any longer, believing that it is not in its interest and this can be understood. Still, this decision only enraged his shock duo a little more, a rather risky move which will perhaps be expensive this summer.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have seen loved ones kicked out by the Nets, in addition to the former Warrior’s treatment of Uncle Drew as unfair. Taken end to end, all this gives rise to a veritable powder keg which should soon explode for good.

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