This is how Nico Rosberg drives a Ferrari F40

2016 Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg recently had the chance to try out a Ferrari F40. His driver analysis on such a legendary supercar is quite interesting.

We all want to try it! Nico Rosberg did it! I’d bet many of us would be as excited as Rosberg to try such a hot rod. And the opportunity has just presented itself to Rosberg. Unlike us, the former F1 world champion lives in Monaco and is a neighbor of an F40 owner. Not to mention he has a resume that would encourage you to trust him with your car. “F1 World Champion” sounds more trustworthy than a motoring journalist… Although we’ve broken far fewer cars than him.

Anyway, Rosberg managed to get the keys to his neighbour’s F40 and was allowed to take him for a ride in the hills around Monaco. This therefore allows us to collect the feelings of a real driver about a car that has become a legend. Rosberg seems to appreciate the car but he tells us about a feeling of heaviness on the clutch pedal. Even at low speeds in the city, the vibrations in the cabin and the sheer difficulty of driving this Ferrari make it a special moment that reminds Rosberg that he is not in an ultra-sporty sedan or a modern supercar. . He’s in a real old-fashioned supercar.

The way clears

In the winding roads of the hills of Monaco, Rosberg took the opportunity to push the car a little and even seemed amazed at its rigidity. He says that while it has plenty of grip, it’s hard to feel the limit of the car because of the bouncing and bouncing.

“It seems quite risky”, explains Rosberg. “I think you have to be a little careful with that sort of thing. You feel like you’re alone with God when you push this kind of car to its limits. ». Understand that even being an F1 driver is not enough to understand a car like the F40.

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