This is how F1 drivers were refreshed in the 1950s

The techniques used by teams to help their drivers in the 1950s had nothing to do with those of today’s Formula 1 championship. At the time, we did with the means at hand…

Before the implementation of the budget cap from this 2022 season, the best teams in the Formula 1 world championship spent around half a billion euros per year. Today’s cars are marvels of technology and have also become very safe for drivers in the event of an accident.

In the 1950s at the start of the Formula 1 world championship, things were obviously very different. The pilots drove ultra-dangerous cars, without protection in the event of an accident. And how did they hold on for the whole race when it was hot? Here is the answer below in video!

Old fashioned hydration

You are not dreaming, the pilot José Froilan Gonzalez is sprayed with a big jump of water at the wheel of his racing Ferrari. We had probably not found a better way to keep them at the right temperature! Remember that even today, a Formula 1 driver can lose several pounds during a Formula 1 race. But he now has a system for drinking during the race.

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