« This gangrene will kill us if we do not react », estimates Vincent Labrune

In an interview with The team in the aftermath of the OL-OM incidents, the president of the league said he was ready to act to eradicate violence in the stadiums of Ligue 1.

President of the Professional Football League (LFP) for a year, Vincent Labrune attended the sorry spectacle of Lyon-Marseille, interrupted after only four minutes due to a projectile addressed to Dimitri Payet, who lodged a complaint on Monday. « I am shocked and furious, planted Labrune in an interview with the team . Shocked that in 2021, after all the events we have experienced since the start of the season, there are still fools who are in a position to throw projectiles at players or referees. I am still shocked that it takes two hours to make a decision that is obvious and that should have been taken in two minutes. « 

The former president of OM also believes that it is « urgently to launch a major national consultation on violence in the stadiums.«  »This gangrene will kill us if we don’t act urgently», He continues, on the eve of a meeting organized at Place Beauvau in the presence of Gerald Darmanin, Jean-Michel Blanquer and Roxana Maracineanu.

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Vincent Labrune maintains that the decision to stop the game was the right one in view of the incidents observed, threatening the integrity of the players. « I think it is time to turn the table on security issues, no more and no less, » he finally urges, while the disciplinary committee has ordered a closed session as a precaution for OL, who will have to wait until December 8 to know the extent of the sanctions.

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