« This franchise is at the bottom of the bucket, it’s over for her »

NBA Chris Paul in foul trouble against Dallas

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In principle, we should never say of a franchise that it is beaten in advance, because everything goes very quickly in the NBA. But the fans of a particular cador are seriously worried about their favorite team. The latter thus had an off-season that was anything but restful.

While some franchises have seriously strengthened during the summer, others have been much less convinced by their moves. In the East, for example, the Knicks have been unable to sign any superstars, despite having made virtually all of their players available, including Evan Fournier. So it looks complicated for them… However, they are not the only ones to be surrounded by big doubts. In a different register, the Suns have indeed the same problem.

NBA finalists in 2020-21, Monty Williams’ men fell in the second round of the playoffs last year, surprised by the Mavs. A big disappointment of course, but that can happen to anyone. Given that the local roster is very talented, there wasn’t too much doubt that they could bounce back. Except that far from the field, the franchise has experienced a huge mess with several cases that have come to taint its off-season.

The Suns plagued by doubts before the 2022-23 season?

To start, there was of course the case of Deandre Ayton, disappointing against Dallas and who was supposed to leave during the summer. A time mixed with rumors around Kevin Durant, it was finally on the side of the Pacers that he almost landed… except that to everyone’s surprise, the leaders of Phoenix matched the offer and signed the pivot at a high price. (113 million over four years). The assurance of keeping a good element in this position in the team, but the concern is that the person concerned did not really want to stay. The choice was therefore logically singled out.

Except that it doesn’t stop there, since the scandal surrounding the owner Robert Sarver came to plunge the Cactus a little more into chaos. At the same time, the cador’s locker room shows more and more cracks, like Jae Crowder who requested his departure in a rather crazy way, while the inmates of the team amaze with their declarations. For the fans, it is therefore a very complicated campaign that is announced on the spot:

Jae Crowder wants out, Chris Paul says he learned nothing from the series against Dallas, Deandre Ayton looks like a depressed hostage. The Suns are at the bottom of the bucket. Guys as we know them might be over.

The Mavs really broke up the Suns and the Jazz as organizations

Despite the quality of their workforce, it smells scorched for the Suns in view of 2022-23. The tensions within the franchise could well explode in his face, and significantly impact sports results. That would be a real mess…

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