this former star player turned salesman at Decathlon

For all lovers of the French championship, the name ofUlrich Le Pen is certainly familiar to you. It must be said that the attacking midfielder, who totals 250 encounters of Ligue 1 in career for 23 goals scored, left its mark on the tricolor lawns. But the left-hander is now marrying a completely different life, far from his glorious past.

Ulrich Le Pen, an astonishing reconversion

For seven years, Le Pen has indeed worked as Salesperson at Decathlon. A professional retraining that stems from his love for trade, as he revealed in an interview with the regional daily The Telegram :

« Before I finished my career, with my wife and my in-laws, we had opened a men’s and women’s ready-to-wear store in Laval. At the end of my career, we split this store in two and I took over the men’s section. I discovered what trade was, I really liked it. Three years later, I turned to wine, I am a great lover. I was commercial but going to people’s houses at 8 p.m. to give them a taste of wine, I didn’t like it at all. They would knock on my door for that, at 8 p.m., I wouldn’t open« .

Consultant for Laval matches in parallel

Having finished his football career at Laval, Ulrich Le Pen is now working there at Decathlon. But the professional activities of the former player do not stop there. Always in love with football, he comments as consultant city ​​club meetings on the radio on France Bleu Mayenne.

The opportunity to get closer to the pitch and remember his great exploits, like when he was forced to play goalkeeper with Lorient against Valenciennes, not conceding a goal for more than an hour thanks to unexpected parades.

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