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Maxime Malovry is a great collector of football scarves. At home, near Chambly, he created a museum in a room of his house, with more than 650 pieces inside. Entrance with sound system, unique pieces… Guaranteed atmosphere for football fans! Guided tour.

Near Chambly, in the Oise, there is a room like there are very few in France. Maxime Malovry is a football fan. He collects scarves. Today, it has a museum which contains very precisely 659 pieces including all the Ligue 1, Ligue 2 and National clubs, « except Bastia-Borgo because they don’t make any »but also clubs at national or regional level, as well as selections or foreign clubs.

This collection is exhibited in a room in the basement of his house. “I moved in with my girlfriend and, since I was little, I wanted to make a piece dedicated to scarves. When we visited the house, it was quickly decided that the downstairs bedroom would be that room. »

But where did this passion come from? “When I was a kid, I had an attic room [sous les toits]. I hung a scarf, then two, then three… It looked pretty. So that made me want to. »

It took him nearly three months to create the piece, and put it in condition. “Initially, I had to bring the scarves from my mother’s house. They were in boxes. They were everywhere on the ground. Before hanging them, I had to work a lot to put the room in condition. I spent several days a week in it, not counting my hours. »

An interactive museum that attracts covetousness

About a month ago, Maxime Malovry “opened” his museum. Regularly, he welcomes visitors, relatives or not, and opens the doors of this unique room. « The entrance is free, it was never my goal, he specifies. I just want to share my passion. »

Once in front of the communication entrepreneur’s residence, a soundtrack plays explaining what the visitor will see on the other side of the door. Once it is over, the temple guardian plays the Champions League music and opens the door. Guaranteed show. “What makes me laugh is people’s faces. Very often, it is accompanied by onomatopoeias of the style: « Wow » or « Putain ». »

Liverpool’s scarf, the largest in the museum. (Photo: DR)

The scarves are enthroned in all directions. There are some on all the walls, in shelves, and even on the ceiling! On the vast majority of these, there is a QR code, enough to make the museum interactive.

“There is the summary of the meeting. I also recorded videos telling anecdotes. The first example that comes to mind is the Lille – Chelsea team in the Champions League last year. It’s marked on it « Road to St. Petersburg ». Today, we know that the match did not take place there because of the war in Ukraine. In 10-15-20-30 years, we may have forgotten about it…”

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Special parts

Of the 659 scarves on display in this room, the majority of which are football – there are also around 20 rugby, one France TV Sports and one from Cannes in volleyball – Maxime Malovry has two that stand out. The first concerns that of the 1998 World Cup final, France – Brazil, « signed by Didier Deschamps. For the anecdote, I had him sign on the Brazil part [jaune] to make it visible. Initially he did not want, he wanted to sign on the blue of France. So I had to explain to him that makes him u wouldn’t be the same. »

The signature of Didier Deschamps on the scarf for the 1998 World Cup final. (Photo: DR)

The other has a more sentimental, more personal value. “A great FC Nantes supporter friend died in February 2021. His son gave me a cotton scarf, which hangs from the ceiling. He knew I would make good use of it. » Because, yes, the vast majority of scarves from Oisien are donations.

He also sometimes buys them on the second-hand clothing sales platform Vinted. “Be careful, I only buy if the scarf makes sense. For example, I would not buy that of France-Austria, of the last gathering of the Blues, because there was nothing outstanding. »

Such a collection, necessarily, is never finished. At any time, other scarves can find their place there. Maxime Malovry’s museum will therefore never stop evolving. More wealth.

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