this football club creates its Panini-style album

« I’m into itsmiles Valentin, 20 years old and a member of the Loire-Atlantique club for 14 years. It’s like the Ligue 1 and World Cup albums, except that this is your club. » This Wednesday, February 23, it has been two and a half months since the album was distributed to the more than 400 members of the Vieillevigne-La Planche Sports Association, and approximately 60,000 stickers were sold.

The objective is to allow the various licensees to meet, to have intergenerational exchanges
– Sylvain, behind the ASVP album

The vast majority of licensees are present in the album. « We did a photo shoot in early Septemberexplains Sylvain, member of the club office. The albums were distributed at the beginning of December and today, eight have already been filled, including the first after four weeks.« 

Stickers are sold in sets of eight for one euro in several local shops in La Planche and Vieillevigne. At the end of the season, a draw will be organized: everyone who has finished their album will have a chance to win a prize.

_ »The next deadline for us is Sunday [27 février] at 2 p.m., continues Sylvain. We are organizing the first day of exchanges where everyone can come and exchange their duplicate stickers. »

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