This Ferrari Enzo has exceeded 144,000 kilometers and aims even further

For most owners of supercars and other luxury cars, it is quite rare to exceed a certain number of kilometers on the clock. But for this 2003 Ferrari Enzo, that’s not the case at all.

See a superb racing car overtake the 100,000 kilometers on the clock, it is quite exceptional. Indeed, to achieve such a mileage, you have to use the car on a daily basis and this is rarely the case with a supercar.

But for an American named Richard Losee, that’s not how things should be. He is the proud owner of a 2003 Ferrari Enzo and has just passed the 144,000 km with!

For some it is absolutely implausible but for him it is quite natural. Even better, he wants to push his car even further in terms of distance covered.

A passage of witness

So anxious to get his car rolling, Richard Losee passed the torch to a young car enthusiast influencer@dryl8k on Instagram.

The young man therefore continues to circulate the racing car for his greatest pleasure. He also shares his adventures on his Instagram account and also confided in American media explaining that this whole story could have been very different.

In 2006, Richard Losee and his racing car were caught in a spectacular accident at more than 300 km/h. But miraculously, the two got away with it and intend to continue like this for a while!

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