This Ferrari Enzo DESTROYED on its way to delivery! (video)

When it’s not your day… A Ferrari Enzo has been involved in a violent road accident on its way to its new owner!

There are days when it is sometimes better to stay at home… This is undoubtedly what the unfortunate drivers driving a Honda Jazz and a Ferrari Enzo said to each other afterwards their attachment.

A famous crash!

The scene, which took place at the beginning of October on the British island of Jerseyreached us via the local newspaper Jersey Evening Post.

If, according to our colleagues, motorists were unscathed, we can say less about their cars. As can be seen on the pictures belowpublished on the Instagram account Supercar Fails the shock was violent enough to demolish a good part of the Enzo.

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The Ferrari Enzo was to be delivered to its owner…

This italian supercarof which only 400 units in the world produced between 2002 and 2004would be registered in the name of a person from the neighboring island of Guernsey. Traveling on one of Jersey’s main thoroughfares, it collided with a Honda Jazz.

The worst ? Besides the significant material damage occasioned, the person driving the Enzo was actually a… delivery man on the way to hand over the machine to its true owner!

Source : Supercar Fails instagram

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