“This current duo would be more dominant than Jordan and Shaq! « 

Monstrous separately, Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal could have caused carnage under the same jersey. However, an analyst claims that they would not form the best all-time duo… In his eyes, this distinction goes to two current players!

Hard to be more famous in the NBA of the 90s than Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal. While the former has won six rings during that decade, the latter has quickly established himself as one of the most dominant players in history, especially physically. Better not to cross them too often during a match …

No wonder some people dream of a potential association of the two Hall of Famers. While they would certainly have done a lot of damage, Shannon Sharpe believes that we can do better as a duo. During the show Undisputed, the analyst for Fox sports revealed his favorites, and he quotes current players:

Jordan has never had a player who could challenge him for greatness. Scottie Pippen was perfectly happy to play Robin, to be the second best player, and that is what he was. No one else has ever reached this level. And we saw Shaq, once Kobe started challenging him for greatness on this team, we saw the friction that created. I believe in this scenario Shaq should have been somewhere first and Jordan should have joined him.

For me give me James and Kevin Durant. Because these two guys can play with anyone else, and it doesn’t matter. I saw KD play with 3 different systems with different types of players and it didn’t matter. I’ve seen LeBron make it work with everyone he’s been around. They play with each other, and it doesn’t matter.

Between the astounding scoring qualities of the Slim Reaper and the insoluble all-around side of the Laker, we would indeed have a totally unstoppable tandem on the floors. Fortunately for the competition, this is not about to happen, each having their superteam in Brooklyn and Los Angeles respectively. And since the King is 37 years old, we doubt that a meeting will ever take place …

KD and LeBron better than Shaq and Jordan? It is debatable, each camp having valid arguments. What is certain is that we would have paid dearly to witness such an opposition!

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