This connected sports hall, « unique in France », will soon open its doors in Liévin

Blue Sport Health, gym
Blue Sport Santé, a “unique in France” sports hall, opens this Friday, September 9, 2022 in Liévin (Pas-de-Calais). (© news Pas-de-Calais / FB)

This is a first in France and it happens at Liévinin the Pas-de-Calais ! This Friday, September 9, 2022, the commercial area will welcome new high-end equipment, a connected gym-health inspired by what is done in Germany. We make you discover this state-of-the-art place.

Blue Sport Santé is located at 101 rue de l’Abregain, right next to the Comptoir du Malt. The gym is therefore part of Blue Spa, the well-being center established in the commercial area of ​​Liège for 5 years. It was Stéphane Bréant, manager of the structure, who brought this concept “unique in France” in Liévin after a trip to Germany.

“Deutsche Qualität” brought back to Liévin

He was accompanied by Jonathan, his partner, who will also be one of the coaches of Blue Sport Santé. “We went to Cologne to see what was going on there and it was amazing. They are well ahead of us, ”say the two men. Among our neighbours, sport is inked from an early age.

Their equipment is therefore more advanced. Stéphane and Jonathan discovered Egym machines, the world leader in fitness technology, and decided to open a center in Liévin. How does it work concretely?

Stéphane and Jonathan have joined forces to open this new generation gym in Liévin.
Stéphane and Jonathan have joined forces to open this new generation gym in Liévin. (© news Pas-de-Calais / FB)

Blue Sport Santé has around twenty machines which are all connected to a “hub”. This « hub » is equipped with a camera and takes your measurements before the session. « All the equipment automatically adapts to the morphology of the person », specifies Jonathan.

The client then chooses a device and the latter will offer him an exercise to gauge his abilities. Behind, he will configure himself to his profile. “If the person progresses over the weeks, the machine will know and adapt. »

The exercises are “fun, effective, simple and safe”, adds the coach. The Egym circuit includes « mini-games » where subscribers must follow a sort of curve or path by catching the most marbles a bit like a Pac-Man. “There’s a ‘video game effect’ because people will want to progress every time they come back. »

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At Blue Sport Santé, there are many machines for working on muscle building, cardio or for stretching.
At Blue Sport Santé, there are many machines for working on muscle building, cardio or for stretching. (© news Pas-de-Calais / FB)

Blue Sport Santé promises regular monitoring thanks to their application and the coaches present on site. “Every seven sessions there are tests to see where the customer is and to get the machines up to speed. They also adapt if we have a less good blow or an injury, ”explains Jonathan.

Opening September 9

The hub is also able to identify health problems with, in particular, neck or hip flexibility tests, for example. “The coach can, if he wishes, redirect a person to a doctor, an osteopath or a physiotherapist. »

“We focus on sport and health. This is what sets us apart from other venues,” says Stéphane Bréant.

The Blue Sport Santé center is divided into three parts: strengthening, cardio and stretching. There is even a corner devoted to electrostimulation: “We have suits equipped with electrodes to work the muscles in depth. »

As you will have understood, this gym 2.0 should quickly be emulated. The managers have invested a lot of their time and money to develop this concept in Liévin. “We offer something completely innovative but realistic. We don’t invent anything, but we push it all to the extreme. It is a process of quality, of service for the customer”, he insists.

« You don’t find that anywhere else. This is completely new to us. Blue Sport Santé opened its doors to a few onlookers before the official inauguration and the majority of them have already been won over. Your turn to try !

To find out about the programs offered by Blue Sport Santé and the subscription prices, click here.

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