This competition offers 250,000 Lamborghinis… only 5 are life-size

In 2004, American presenter Oprah Winfrey created one of television’s most popular moments, with her famous « You get a car!“. All the public of his show had indeed received a car as a gift, at the time a Pontiac G6. An initiative that the Youtuber wishes to reproduce today Mr Beast (which has over 80 million subscribers), but in a somewhat different way.

Miniature Lamborghini or Lamborghini Aventador?

Indeed, the latter, in collaboration with MSCHF, launched the initiative “Everyone gets a Car“. This is a great contest in which each participant will win a Lamborghini. To do this, it’s very simple, since all you have to do is pay the sum of $35, which will allow you to receive your precious prize directly at home.

If 100% of the participants will indeed receive a Lamborghini at their home, they will however have to wait before knowing if they can jump for joy or pout. Indeed, the contest allows each participant to receive, according to a draw, a Lamborghini miniature version, but also a remote-controlled version, a small cart for children… or a « true“Lamborghini.

In this way, against the sum of €30, 5 participants will have the chance to be able to accommodate in their garage a Lamborghini Aventador (used) or one of the four Lamborghini Gallardos (used) put into play. The competition is now available, and participants have until January 10, 2022 to decide whether to invest (or not) the requested $35.

Lamborghini Competition


Note that the production of miniature models is set at 250,100 units very precisely, against 2,500 remote-controlled models and 250 carts for children. An original competition therefore, reserved nevertheless for the United States. For the record, you should know that if the contest registers precisely as many participants as lots put into play, the latter will have generated a little less than $9 million in total.

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