This Chinese and electric « copy » of the Porsche Panamera costs less than 30,000 euros


Ora is finally launching its Next Ora Cat in China, under the name of Lightning Cat. The electric sedan, strongly inspired by the Porsche Panamera, starts at less than 30,000 euros. But no marketing date has been announced for the moment in Europe.

If Great Wall Motor (GWM) does not yet market its vehicles in Europe, the Chinese group is however beginning to develop well. The latter was indeed present at the Mondial de Paris with its brands Wey and Ora, and this one had a lot to show us on its stand, with its long-awaited Funky Cat and its unexpected The Next Ora Cat.

Launch imminent

If we are starting to know the electric compact that will compete with the Peugeot e-208 and Renault Zoé, the electric sedan is a little more mysterious. With its lines inspired by the Porsche Panamera made in collaboration with the designer of the latter, this newcomer to the range had until then given little information about it.

But now we finally know a little more, as it begins its marketing in China. Be careful, because she takes the name of Lightning Cat there, an appellation that could also end up on our market, if it ends up being launched there. It is quite likely, as it was shown to the French public last October.

As the Chinese site announces Dongchedi, the electric sedan starts from 189,800 yuan, the equivalent of 26,345 euros according to the current exchange rate. The most upscale version is displayed at 269,800 yuan, or around 37,450 euros.

A price that allows it in any case to take advantage of the ecological bonus, if it makes the way to France. But it has an interest in acting quickly, while the government plans to remove aid for vehicles manufactured outside the European Union. Note, however, that most Chinese cars dramatically increase their price when exported to Europe, as we saw recently in our dedicated file.

A total of five body colors will be offered as explained Car News China, while the car is equipped with a dashboard divided into three small screens, associated with a large 12.3-inch touch screen. An 11-speaker audio system is also offered, as are heated seats.

More than 700 kilometers of autonomy

The new Ora Lightning Cat comes in two versions, single and dual engine. The first develops 150 kW, or about 203 horsepower for 340 Nm of torque, while the second claims a power of 300 kW (about 407 horsepower), for a torque of 680 Nm, allowing it to achieve 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.3 seconds.

The electric sedan also offers three levels of autonomy, namely 555, 600 and 705 kilometers according to the Chinese CLTC cycle. Be careful, because this one is much more optimistic than our European WLTP, so you have to remove about 15% autonomy. Note that the sedan has a Cd of only 0.22, identical to that of the new Ioniq 6.

The new addition to the range is also equipped with the Ora-Pilot 3.0 semi-autonomous driving system. This one, which seems to be a level 2 device then combines several technologies, including the lane keeping assistant and the adaptive cruise control. The car is then equipped with 28 sensors, including 12 ultrasonic radars and ten cameras. No date has yet been announced for the start of deliveries. But one thing is certain, French customers will have to be patient. Indeed, Great Wall Motor should first arrive in Germany by the end of the year, then in the United Kingdom.

The Next Ora Cat, a 100% electric Chinese Panamera without the Porsche logo

We were going to the Ora stand (GWM) to see the little Funky Cat. We came across a strange electric car designed by the designer of the Panamera. This is The Next Ora Cat.
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