this big clash between Laurence Ferrari and Adrien Quatennens

Figure of the Insoumis, Adrien Quatennens is one of the most invited political figures on television sets. If he generally shows less vigor in his words than his mentor Jean-Luc Mélenchon, he is nonetheless pugnacious and harsh during debates. Like this morning last June when the tone was raised on CNews against Laurence Ferrari. That day, the head of La France Insoumise had openly criticized the editorial choices of the news channel of the Canal + group, citing in particular the formal notice decided by the CSA for the non-respect of pluralism on the part of CNews . « Wherever I go, I keep my freedom of speech, including my bag of arguments. I am here on a channel which I have no difficulty in saying, that from my point of view, it participates in a far-right media agenda which I find deleterious“, he had swung, leaving Laurence Ferrari very annoyed.

But accustomed to receiving political figures from various backgrounds, the journalist immediately replied: « I won’t let you say that. It is entirely false. It’s insulting the work of an entire editorial staff with politically balanced platforms« . »You insult the work of an entire editorial staff, which works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I am the representative here. I am proud to work here“, had added the former companion of Thomas Hughes.

« You cannot deny that the CSA recently pinned your channel on political pluralism and the fact of having rather offered the floor to far-right candidates« , recalled Adrien Quatennens. « Speaking time will be fully respected. He is. You are living proof“, had chained the journalist of CNews.

In September 2022, Le Canard enchaîné revealed that the wife of Adrien Quatennens filed a handrail against him for alleged acts of domestic violence, during August and September 2022, after she announced her desire to divorce him, after thirteen years together and the birth of a little girl three years earlier.


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