This Autoart 993R is THE Porsche 993 restomod

A 993, but « improved by 25% in all areas »: thus was formulated the order which gave birth to this Autoart 993R, according to Paul Stephens. It’s clear, isn’t it?

After twenty years of existence, the British specialist in 911 restomod is beginning to get used to translating the more or less sibylline and/or eccentric requests of its customers. So he transcribed that into what you can admire above, a 993 Carrera 2 put on a diet and optimized with modern parts while respecting the Porsche DNA: a subtle style, with performances that are not everything.

You are often told that raw numbers don’t mean much. Here, they still give a good idea of ​​the work done. The mass has been reduced from 1,370 to 1,220 kg, the flat 6 has been increased from 3.6 l to 3.8 l and from 272 to 330 hp, for a weight/power ratio now flirting with that of a 996 GT3. With the 360 ​​hp option, we even approach a 997 GT3. Which should be enough.

To keep it all on the road, Autoart has fitted the 993R with a five-way adjustable piloted suspension, a differential lock, and the brakes of the legendary 993 RS. To tell the truth, this car is a potpourri of 911 since the rims are borrowed from a 996 GT3 while the flat 6 inherits pistons from 993 RS and a crankshaft from 997 GT3. The lightened windows and the aluminum bonnet come from Porsche Motorsport, as do the tappets. The engine cover and its duck-tail spoiler were designed in-house and made of composite. Ditto for the shields which modernize (a bit too much?) the look of the 993.

This attention to detail makes the equation difficult to verify. The customer indeed asked for a car improved by 25% in all areas, but this 993R seems to have far exceeded the specifications… That’s what we told you: the numbers don’t mean anything.

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