This 12-year-old Dubai girl earns the world’s highest scuba diving award

Ellie May Craig, a young schoolgirl resident of Dubai, has just obtained the certification of Master Scuba Diver at only 12 years old. She is the youngest person in the world to have passed this test, which places her in the elite of non-professional diving.

The title of Master Scuba Diver is a certification issued by the international organization PADI. It is the highest level non-professional recreational diver in the PADI diver training system. This level is reached by less than two percent of divers, and one can only claim it after having passed several PADI specialties, and realized at least 50 dives. A formality for young Ellie, who obtained it on her 12th birthday. Adventurers of the depths who dive with her will know that they are in the company of an experienced diver in different environments and situations.

Challenging and perilous challenges

The girl earned her certification by completing a series of specialist dives off Fujairah, including one rescue mission simulated 21 meters underwater, in which she had to find a missing diver, rescue a panicked diver underwater and give a heart massage to an unconscious diver. “It was a little more difficult than expected. It was harder for me physically than mentally. I really had fun underwater,” said Ellie, who wants to be a marine biologist when she grows up. “It was exhausting, both the tasks in the pool and in the sea. It took me 11 hours to complete everything. But I was determined to break the record”.

A record that can now only be equaled, but never beatenthe age of 12 being a pre-requisite to qualify for certification.

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