Thierry Henry’s big rant

Present at Groupama Stadium, the Prime Video consultant did not mince his words after the interruption of the shock between OL and OL following a bottle throw at Dimitri Payet.

French football experienced a new nightmare on Sunday on the occasion of the poster between theOlympique Lyonnais and theOlympic Marseille at Groupama Stadium. The meeting had only started a few minutes when the first projectiles descended from the stands, a bottle of water hitting the head. Dimitri Payet while the Reunion was about to take a corner. Bad publicity for Ligue 1, according to Thierry Henry, who officiated from the sidelines at Groupama Stadium.

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“This is not what I would like the English, the Spaniards or the Italians to see from the French championship. It’s a big task on the championship ”, he launched at the microphone of Prime Video. The former French striker has also called for the greatest severity, whether with regard to the offender or the club. “If you sanction the individual, he feels concerned. Points also speak to me. You have to be severe in all cases. But let’s not forget the individual and let’s be very severe with him ”, he continued, taking the example of what is done across the Channel: “In England you are suspended for life. It’s not a month, six months. That’s life. It changes the game.  »

“There is physical integrity, and it is lamentable I repeat. There are people who must denounce in the gallery. But if you are a supporter, you will sanction your club on top of that. It’s really a bullshit hat-trick ”, he continued, saying he was “shocked” by the attitude of the Lyon public towards Dimitri Payet beyond the bottle throw. « You take a hit and we insult you on top of that, when you haven’t done anything. Just because you played in Saint-Etienne ”, he regretted, disillusioned by his evening in Lyon.

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