Thibaut Courtois accuses UEFA and FIFA of putting their pockets on the backs of players

In an interview with Sky Sports after Belgium’s defeat against Italy in the small final of the League of Nations (1-2), Thibaut Courtois denounced the cadences imposed on players and accused UEFA and FIFA of doing so full pockets on the backs of the players.  » They don’t think of the players, they just think of their pockets. […] This is just a game for the money, let’s be honest. We played this game because for UEFA it’s extra money. « 

« For us it’s a good match because it’s Italy opposite, » he continues, but look at all the changes that both teams have made for this meeting … If Belgium or Italy were in the final, there wouldn’t have been so many changes. It just shows that we are playing too many matches. Next year we have a World Cup in November and we have to play again until the end of June. We are going to get hurt! Nobody cares about the players anymore ”.

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